Concrete Reinforcement & Protection


Harmless to the environment.

Based on modern technology.

Harmless to handle.



What is MCoat?

  • MCoat is a top sealer and works both as a dust binder and a reinforcement to the concrete.
  • MCoat is water based and has no dangerous contents.




How to use MCoat?

  • MCoat could be mopped or rolled on to all kinds of concrete surfaces.
  • The concrete surface should be grinded or cleaned   – allowing Mcoat to stick to the surface.

What does MCoat do?

  • The surface becomes waterproof from the outside but water moisture can pass through the concrete to escape from the surface. The concrete ”breathes naturally, maintaining strength and appearance”


How is the result?

  • A treatment with MCoat gives a beautiful floor with a smooth structure that is easy to clean and is more resistible against abrasion.

How to apply MCoat:


Grind/Clean the concrete.

The surface must be properly cleaned from glue, grease etc. allowing MCoat to stick to the surface.


Ensure the temperature is between 41° – 82°F (5° – 28°C) and RF is <97%

Water the surface and let the water be absorbed by the concrete.


Apply MCoat twice* with mop or roller.
Let the surface dry about 4 hours between each coat.
Total consumption approx. 0,10 litre/m². *To get a moisture barrier, use CCI Primer as the first coat.



The treated surface is ready for covering after about 12 hrs. To walk on 2-6 hrs, vehicles 24 hrs.

MCoat is recommended by SundaHus (Healthy Houses) -The Nationally recognized Swedish building products/materials specification agency.

MCoat is approved and recomended by Byggvarubedomningen – The Swedish testing and evaluation agency.

MCoat is registered, as an environmentally friendly product, in the European Basta system.

Tests carried out by the independent state owned Technical Research Institute of Sweden confirms MCoat’s unique properities as a concrete reinforcement.

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