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Our assessment shows that Condry is unique to the marketplace and is environmentally friendly.
We are currently not aware of any product on the market that can compare with Condry for above tested properties.

Dr.Satish Chandra

Rtd. Prof, Chalmers Technical University

A new innovation in the market!!

Almi Innovation/Invest – Nov 2010

Almi Company Partner

An outstanding product! With its ease of use and short drying time it is better than any similar product we’ve previously tested.

Robert Johnson

Managing Director, IdéTrading



Condry and MCoat is recommended by “The Swedish Testing and Evaluation Agency” (Byggvarubedömningen)

BVD Condry

BVD M-Coat 0215



 Condry and MCoat has A-status with Sunda Hus – “The Swedish Building Products and Material Specification Agency”

Condry NT 50 Sunda Hus 2015

MCoat Sunda Hus 2015

SP 15x10

Tests made by the independent, state owned, “Swedish institute for Concrete Technology” confirms the unique properties of the products from CCI.

CBI CondryNT 50 ENG

CE 15x10

Condry and MCoat has received the European CE certification to guarantee the safety and quality of the product.

Basta Logo 15x10

Condry and MCoat is registered, as environmentally friendly products, in the European Basta system.


Bostik 15x10          Englundgruppen 15x10          Imprimer

Reference examples:

Stadium sport stores

Stadium 20x11

Several of the big Stadium stores has treated their floors with Condry and MCoat.

Jula retail stores

jula 20x11

Jula has big areas with concrete storage floors that has been treated with Condry and MCoat.


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